Looking to win February 22nd's Powerball Jackpot valued at $403 million? The answer may be very simple and right here in Central New York. Ask a psychic. 

Players across the country are reaching out to psychics all over the nation to get them to help provide the winning numbers. Most psychics are refusing to provide numbers.

Colorado psychic Daniela Mauser previously told KRDO TV: “Clear your mind and go somewhere quiet to really think. Concentrate on the numbers and ask the universe to bring you the numbers in order and write them down as they come.

Who can we contact in Central New York for help?

1) Spiritual Psychic Nancy- Whitesboro
(315) 383-0179


2) Roger Frank & The Angel Light Center- Utica
(315) 941-6240


3) Mrs. Walker Psychic Reader- Syracuse



***This post is for entertainment purposes only. There is no guarantee these psychics have appointments available, or are able to help. This list is a generic list of psychics in the area, through a simple Google Search. These psychics charge different rates for a variety of options on readings, healing, and more. There is no guarantee they could get the numbers.***




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