Looking to watch Comet Neowise in the skies over Upstate New York?

According to The Washington Post, the next few weeks here in July give you th chance to view Comet Neowise.

The glowing interstellar snowball should hang above the horizon before dawn in the coming days, appearing in the evening sky later in the month."

ABC 7 of New York also reports that after sunset, look for the comet toward the northwest, just below the Big Dipper. Researchers say this is the first time the comet will be passing Earth in 6,800 years.

Comet Neowise will be as bright as a typical star, easily visible with the naked if you escape city lights. It’ll be even clearer with binoculars or a telescope.  Astronomers do recommend using a pair of binoculars to first spot and find the comet, but once you’ve found it you can enjoy the views with the unaided eye.

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Neowise won’t be too high above the horizon, so make sure that you have a clear, unobstructed view. Look to the east-northeast, and you’ll catch it. It will be closest to Earth on July 22nd at a distance of about 64 million miles.

NASA says:

"It’s dim so finding that sweet spot between it rising shortly after 4 a.m. when the sky is really dark, and 5 a.m. when it’s above the treeline but it begins getting lost in the twilight, is key to seeing it"

Time is important here. Neowise is moving away from the sun and could soon begin slowly fading into oblivion. If you don't plan ahead, and of course if Mother Nature holds up, you could miss this opportunity.

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