She may not be country but Adele is the hottest thing in music. Several country stars have even covered her songs, including David Nail , Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan. Her latest single, 'Hello' has more than 307 million views on YouTube in just two weeks and a comedian used the infamous song to order pizza and the results are hilarious.

The comedian known as 'The Unluckiest British Bloke Ever' posted the video on his Facebook page and it's going viral.

When the Dominos employee answers, he hears 'Hello.' He becomes suspicious after asking where the call is coming from and hears 'California.' "Are you calling from the UK? We have a maximum delivery of 5 miles from the shop," the employee responds.

Before hanging up, the employees says, "I don't think this is funny. I think you're wasting my time."

He may not think it's funny, but everyone else does.

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