You did all that shoveling, and now the snow plow is heading down the street. You are thankful for them clearing the road, but frustrated at the snow at the end. You can avoid that.

Try using this simple lifehack to avoid that snow from building up and causing trouble. It's called The 10ft method:

If you focus on clearing an area about ten feet to the left of your driveway, when the plow comes down the street it will push snow in that cleared out area and not back into your driveway."

It's that easy. You're welcome.

However, some people on YouTube think this idea is a waste of time:

Stupid. If you can clear 10 feet to the left of your driveway, then you can just wait til the plow comes by instead and clear what he plows into your driveway. 6 of 1, half dozen of another."

For this to work, you must do 30-40ft of the VDOT's work for them. You must shovel at least half of the street width, as well as your driveway, and its left lead, so the plow will run out of snow(& ice) before it gets to your driveway."

Some think it's genius though:

I've been doing this for Decades!

Take it or leave it I guess.


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