The Dairy Industry hasn't had much to smile about lately, but 2 dairy farmers changed that with the #DiaryDanceOff that has gone viral thanks to a few videos, including the Wright sisters from upstate New York.

How did the Dairy Dance Off begin? A challenge between Katie Dotterer-Pyle, a dairy farmer from Maryland and Jessica Peters, a dairy farmer in Pennsylvania.

Katie kicked it off by posting a video of herself dancing in the barn. When Jess saw it, an idea was born. "When we say Katie's dance video we took it as a challenge and quickly realized this is what the dairy industry needs right now," says Jess.

Being a dairy farmer isn't just depressing because of low milk prices. "It's a really hard job," says Jess. "We work a lot of hours. I'm of the motto, you're life should be fun. What's the point if it's not."

Farmers around the world agree. The #DairyDanceOff has taken off. "It went across the U.S. pretty fast, coast to coast," says Jess. "Then it really exploded in Germany, France, Ireland, Great Britain."

It also exploded in upstate New York where the Wright sisters' #DairyDanceOff had over 40 million views on Facebook. "I think it took off because farmers are sick being depressed," says Katie. "It's the best thing to see farmers smile, laugh and have a good time. Even if it's only for the 5 minutes they filmed the video."

The messages have been pouring in to Jess and Katie. "We've been getting messages from farmers all over the world saying how great this has been and they love watching the videos," says Katie. "It gave them a reason to smile for the first time in months."

We got in on the #DairyDanceOff trend on while at the Beekman Boys farm. Watch the goats show off their dance moves. We guarantee it'll make you smile.

Polly's Dairy Dance Off with Goats

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