Syracuse Orange fans knew that joining the ACC would bring big changes, however I don't think people thought about a change in venue.The switching of conferences is not the only change that has recently occurred at Syracuse University. Monday was the first day for the new chancellor of the University, Kent Syverud. According to an article on the Post-Standard website Syverud says,

A renovated Carrier Dome or a totally new sports arena costing hundreds of millions of dollars are among the options being explored by local developers, New York state and Syracuse University.

This of course is just something that is in the "planning/discussion phase." As a long time Syracuse fan, I can't imagine a drastic change. The Carrier Dome is part of the Orange identity. Opponents that come in to face Syracuse dread it because they know the fans are great, the numbers are huge, and the atmosphere is intimidating. We hold the record for attendance because of that dome. I haven't even mentioned how exciting football games are in that environment.

There are several options University administration are juggling. Should they build an outdoor/indoor facility with a retractable roof? Should they leave it as a dome and renovate? Should they make it like the other ACC arenas, small and loud, like Cameron Indoor (Duke's Facility)? According to the new chancellor there is no hurry to come up with a plan and proposals are coming in day after day. I want to know what YOU think!


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