Subway outdid McDonald's by being the biggest fast food chain in the country at almost twice the size of the Golden Arches and now they're closing stores nationwide. But why?

For years, Subway has seemed more invested in opening locations than making sure stores can increase sales. Subway would sign off on franchisees opening locations near existing stores. The chain would get more money in franchise fees, but franchisees would end up competing against one another for sales.

At the end of this past year, Subway lost 900ish of it's 26,700-ish stores which is 3 times the number of the year previous. Considering that, it seems like a distinct possibility that we could lose a couple stores here in CNY in the coming years, and I doubt that we'd feel the difference.

There are 20 Subway stores within an 18 mile radius of Utica and most of these stores are actually within walking distance of each other. This is in keeping with what fast food is about: convenience, but there's a dark side.

Most chains now have multiple stores in the same town and this can actually work against chains because instead of just competing with other chains, they end up competing with themselves. Subway has the added issues of coming under fire for their foot long sandwiches being not quite 12 inches and also their beloved spokesman being in jail for the next bunch of years.

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