It's not another entry for our 5 Stupid Questions or a new Facebook viral riddle. It's a question New York's Department of Environmental Conservation is trying to answer.  So, how many moose do live in the Adirondack Park?

The DEC has been monitoring moose for the past 3 years using two methods. Through GPS trackers, they have been following 26 animals and aerial surveys conducted during winter were used to estimate the number of moose in the overall park. Using a mathematic formula that only Isaac Newton could understand, the population was put at 397. That's fewer than expected, but the study indicates they're a healthy herd with several calves. Statistical errors put the possibility of the herd being as large as 522 and no fewer than 298.

In an effort to improve their accuracy the DEC would like your assistance in moose monitoring. Take a moment when you see a moose and note the location, time and how many. Share the experience, with the DEC and if possible grab a few photos. And share them with us too on our Facebook page.

And if this were used in "5 Stupid Questions" it would be... on average there are 1588 of these in the Adirondack Park.


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