Wait what?! How does this even happen? It may not look real, but it is. Somehow, someway, a vehicle got stuck at the top of a snowbank.

Amy Pentz passed the vehicle on her way home from work that somehow got stuck in a snowbank. Not just any snowbank either. A really big one. And somehow the vehicle got stuck at the top.

Photo Credit - Amy Pentz via Facebook
Photo Credit - Amy Pentz via Facebook

It happened Wednesday, February 3rd in Marion Pennsylvania, about 5 and a half hours from central New York, after winter storm Orlena hit the Northeast. Pentz posted the phenomenon on Facebook and it's since been shared over 31,000 times, with many questioning whether or not it's real. "It's real," said Pentz. "Not sure how."

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The lack of plates on the vehicle would lead one to believe the vehicle got plowed into the snowbank rather than someone crashing into it. Maybe it's the result of a Tik Tok video someone took in hopes of becoming viral. Or Just another example of 'Hold my beer and watch this."

However the vehicle got up that high in a snowbank, we can only hope no one was injured.

We see a lot of snowbanks that high in central New York every winter. But we can't say we've ever seen one that looks like this. Now the question is; how do you get it down? Dig it out or just wait for Mother Nature to melt all that snow. It could be a long wait, especially with Punxsutawney predicting 6 more weeks of winter.

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