How did that Jeep get stuck so high into a snowbank? We now have the answer. It was done on purpose.

It happened Wednesday, February 3rd in Marion Pennsylvania, about 5 and a half hours from central New York, after winter storm Orlena hit the Northeast. Amy Pentz posted the phenomenon on Facebook and it's since gone viral, with many questioning whether or not it's real. "It's real," said Pentz. "Not sure how."

Photo Credit - Amy Pentz via Facebook
Photo Credit - Amy Pentz via Facebook

We know how and why. The Jeep is suppose to be in the snowbank. It's all part of a joke pulled off by Marion Auction in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. They've actually done it every year after a big snow storm. It's usually accompanied with a Don't Text and Drive sign but an employee tells The Drive, they skipped that part this year. That could be why this is the first time it's gone viral.

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The lack of signage had many people thinking someone really drove into the snowbank. Some even notified the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Employees at the auction house loaded the Jeep deep into the snow pile, covered it to make it stay and just sat back and watched the world wonder how the heck it happened.

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