Wait...what?! HOW does this even happen?

It's said you'll get into an accident once every 7 years over your lifetime. Sometimes it may be your fault. Sometimes not. Then sometimes it's may be an accident that's unexplainable. This is one of those accidents.

It happened at the North Utica Walmart when someone drove not into but up and OVER a pole in the parking lot.

Photo Credit - Thomas James
Photo Credit - Thomas James

Surprisingly this happens more often than you think. "Been there. Did that." says Dave Salvatore. "Same parking lot about 4 stop signs down."

Photo Credit - Dave Salvatore

Salvatore says his Hummer was totaled. "It bent the frame, causing $17000 in damage. When I hit the pole I was pointing straight at the sky at about a 45° angle. I thought I had drove over the top of a car and killed someone."

How does it happen? "The sun was blinding and right in my eyes," says Salvatore. "Never saw it. Too bad. I loved that truck."

These two drivers aren't alone. "I know of at 2 other friends that have totaled their vehicles the same way in the same lot," says Salvatore.

Next time you head to Walmart, watch out for those yellow poles. They seem to be jumping out in front of drivers.