There is a condo that's listed for sale in Florida that features very unique wallpaper, and for that matter, ceiling paper.

The walls and the ceiling of the Lake Worth home are lined with actual Budweiser cans. According to the report, the man who lived there previously and has since passed away, was a lifelong fan of Budweiser beer. You think? The man even used the cans to make crown molding in some of the rooms.

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Every room including the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, and even the den are covered floor to and across the ceiling with the red white and blue cans. The story on UPI states that the only room in the house that does not have the Budweiser can decor is the bathroom.

When Budweiser saw the listing online, they posted pictures of the condo on their official Facebook account. Since the photos have gone viral, there has been a huge increase of interest in the property.

UPI states that the real estate company that listed the house has acknowledged that it is currently under contract. The asking price was $100,000. There is no word on weather the potential buyers plan on keeping the cans or if they plan on doing some remodeling.


[Via: UPI]

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