A family owned restaurant in Central New York will be closing its doors after more than 90 years.

If national chains like Red Lobster and Applebees are struggling to survive, what chance do local businesses have?

Fewer neighborhoods will be eating good. Applebee's is closing dozens of restaurants across the country this year, 93 in New York State.

Red Lobster filed bankruptcy and closed 80 restaurants across the country, 10 in New York.

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Red Lobster closes 10 restaurants in New York
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Goodbye to More Than 90 Years

Dan and Rose Cecora opened the Hollywood Restaurant in Auburn in 1933. The Italian eatery on Clark Street has stayed in the family ever since. But it all comes to an end this month.

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The family has made the difficult decision to close the restaurant after more than 90 years.

"We are at the end of a multi-generational journey. There have been untold numbers of whole families and others who have been employed here. Friendships, marriages and thousands of family events have revolved around our dining room floors. These things are a source of pride and happiness for us all. Also, it is a part of our sadness as well. We will miss all of it but are looking forward to the next chapters of our lives."

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The decision to close has nothing to do with any health problems and there are no plans to sell.

"We want everyone to know that our health is relatively good and the restaurant is not going on the market anytime soon."

The Hollywood Restaurant staff will be serving diners for the last time on June 29th.

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