Did Ricky Gervais go too far as host of Sunday's Golden Globes?  His jabs at celebrities have left a bad taste in many mouths.  He's been fired from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and he'll probably never be invited back to host the show.  His shots at Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, who were in attendance weren't well received.  He also joked about Charlie Sheen,(easy target) who was not in the audience and Robert Downey Jr who called his jokes "mean spirited."
The audience in attendance may not have appreciated his humor but 17 million tuned in to see the awards show, the most in 3 years.
He may have been harsh, but I found it funny.  And it's not like his harsh comedy is a surprise.  He hosted the show last year too and he's always pushed the envelope.  Maybe some celebrities should just learn to take a joke.  Watch his opening jokes and judge for yourself.