A Holland Patent student turned the COVID-19 pandemic into a positive for a class project.

Madison Grimaldi is a music therapy student at Nazareth College. Like many students, she's finishing her junior year at home.

For an assignment, Grimaldi had to write a song about her response to COVID-19. She could’ve written about how she had to move out of her dorm room at school, how she lost her summer job, how she probably won’t get any reimbursement for anything at school, or how she doesn’t get anything in the stimulus package. Instead Grimaldi wrote a beautiful song about all the good that's come from the coronavirus crisis titled 'Time Apart.'

"She is not looking for any attention but the song is amazing," said mom Maria. "I couldn’t be more proud."

"Maybe we could take the time to really find ourselves
Maybe we'll learn things we never did before
Reconnect, love a lot, heal the world, that's all we got
To be together again, we need some time apart"

"I don’t typically share music I write, but what better way to support one another than with a song," said Grimaldi. "I hope this can provide people some comfort and positivity in this time."

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