Now that we've officially stuffed ourselves with turkey, the fix-in's, and football; let the holiday shopping begin. And if you have a camper on the list, often one of the toughest persons to buy for, this may be an easy way to get a perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Gift cards for New York's Campgrounds and Parks, and they come in any denomination.

There are 2 versions of gift cards, one for Campgrounds and the other is State Parks. If your camper is staying in tents, the campground is probably the best way to go. If they prefer cabins and cottages go park version. Here's what they can be used for:

Campground Gift Card
Camping reservations and walk-ins
Camping supplies like firewood and ice.
Services like boat and canoe rentals)
Vehicle admission fee.

Park Gift Cards
Camping reservations and walk-ups
Camping supplies like firewood and ice (provided by New York State Parks)
State Park Golf Courses

Park gift cards cover about 8,300 campsites, 800 cabins and 50 cottages around the state and they maintain 28 public golf courses. Campground Gift Cards are available for purchase only by calling 518-457-2500. Park Gift Cards can be purchased by calling 518-474-6718, online, and at any State Park Office.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation even has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal on their Conservationist magazine. 7 Issues for only $6.


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