The U.S. Department of Agriculture program, CFAP, providing financial assistance to farmer's negatively impacted by COVID-19, is making a third evolution. The latest update is now covering additional commodities and offering one on one assistance.

The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) will cover 80% of revenue losses when comparing 2020's numbers to 2019. Added to the coverage are:

  • broilers, pullets, layers, chicken eggs, turkeys, hogs, or pigs

The USDA is also extending the deadline to apply for funds to February 26.  And the extension covers first-time applicants and those who need to modify a previous submission.

As with many government programs, the red-tape can seem insurmountable, but the USDA is offering one-on-one support with applications by calling 877-508-8364. Applications are processed through the local offices of the Farm Service Agency.  Here's where to find the nearest office. Get more info on applying for the assistance program and what commodities are covered at

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