Have you seen the bearded man dressed all in black walking along the road in Rome? One woman is sharing a warning after a scary experience. And she's not alone.

Heide Jane is urging people to keep an eye out for the man on Turin Road, who tried to get into her car, while she was driving.

Keep an eye out for the creepy hitchhiker. He tried to grab at my car door by the Back 9 when I was beginning to go while making a right at the light.

Jane isn't the first to come across the older man who has a white beard and wears all black. Since posting the warning on Facebook several other people have shared their scary experiences.

So many people so far have had incidents with this man. He tried getting into a woman's vehicle while her child was in it in the Hannaford area here in Rome.

Holli Ford is one of those people too. "He started to grab my door and didn’t say anything and I quickly pulled away."

Police have been called about suspicious activity in the area. They responded to Selden Drive in Lee earlier this month. Since the man wasn't doing anything illegal, not much can be done.

If you live in the Turin Road area, you should keep an eye out and be extra cautious. Always be aware of your surroundings and be sure to lock all car and house doors.

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