Look to the sky, it's a pro skydiving team jumping team landing at the Great New York State Fair.

Coming up on Wednesday, August 25th at noon, the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team will perform a spectacular aerial display into the New York State Fairgrounds to celebrate Women’s Day. The team is made up of an elite all-female skydiving crew on a mission to amplify women’s initiatives, and fulfill their core mission of inspiring women and girls to live bold, brave lives of their own design.

The aerial performance will feature nine Highlight skydivers jumping one after another from an aircraft 5,000 feet above the fairgrounds. Traveling at speeds upwards of 100 mph, the women will soar through the Syracuse sky, open their parachutes and unfurl a display of colorful streamers, giant flags and majestic smoke, culminating with dramatic landings onto the fairgrounds in front of thousands of spectators.

“Highlighting Women’s Day is so important,” said Melanie Curtis, professional skydiver and co-founder of the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team. “As we work toward equality and inclusion in all lanes, we want to lead by example, showing women and girls what is possible when you open your mind and allow yourself to both dream big and take bold, brave action. We hope to spark new ideas and inspiration in the hearts and minds of everyone watching such that they take it and use it in their own lives, toward their own goals. We are thrilled to partner with the New York State Fair and are grateful for their generous inclusion of us in so much of their programming.”

The Highlight Pro Skydiving Team, comprised of 12 women with an average of 20 years in the sport each and a combined 200,000 jumps among them, formed with the goal to jump across America in 2020 inspired by the tenacious change-agents of the women’s suffrage movement. Three of the nine skydivers jumping into the Fair are native New Yorkers, Melanie Curtis, Amy Chmelecki and Kaz Sheekey. You can read more online here.

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