Have you ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt but discovered you aren't a pirate, and there isn't really treasure around Central New York? You aren't doing your treasure hunting right. There is hidden treasure scattered all over Utica, Rome, and Central New York. Keep in mind, that treasure is in the eye of the beholder.

Want to treasure hunt? Well, it's called Geocaching. Geocaching is an outdoor adventure where players find cleverly hidden containers around the world. These containers and treasures are scattered all over Central New York. This isn't a new concept to the region either. The Utica OD reported on this back in 2010, and ever since then, the passion has grown in the area.

Caches are ranked on skill levels from one to five, with one being an easy-to-access area while a five could require ropes, harnesses, and climbing. With their new mobile app, it's even easier to play along. You can play for free, or sign up for a premium membership and dive right in. There are several different types of geocaches. Some you may consider to be garbage on the ground, but really there is something hidden inside. You can learn all about the different types, and what to look for, from their website.

While trying to search for several in Utica, the Cache that is hidden in Liberty Bell Park is a great place to start. DO NOT STEAL, OR TAKE, the caches that are hidden. That ruins the game for everyone. Across Central New York, you can find at least 50-100 geocaches hidden in plain view. Sign up for free, and start finding hidden treasure.



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