Due to the Village of Herkimer Easter Egg Hunt being cancelled, Mayor Netti has authorized an Easter Parade for the city of Herkimer.

It'll be held on Saturday, April 11th at 11:00am. Herkimer's special guest, the Easter Bunny, will be riding in a Fire truck and will be escorted through the village by Police (with sirens).

Herkimer Police Department posted the news on Facebook. They also ask that vehicles to NOT stop as they travel through the village.

We ask that you remain on your porch or view the parade from your windows. All efforts will be made to travel on every street:
11:00-11:15…N Washington to Lake St area
11:15-11:30…N Washington to N Caroline St area
11:30-11:45…Pine Ave to Westwood Dr area
11:45-12:00…Frederick St to N Caroline St area
12:00-12:15…Fourth Ave to S Main St area
12:15-12:30…S Main St to Protection Ave area
12:30-12:45…Pullman Flatts area"

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