A Herkimer Country farmer got crap for the improper disposal of manure. The jokes almost write themselves, but it was no laughing matter in the eyes of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

During an off day, Conservation Officer Katie Jakaub decided to enjoy a kayak trip on West Canada Creek. As she paddled along, she came across a pile of pig manure mixed with sawdust on the bank. The officer returned to the area the following day and interviewed the property owner, who admitted to disposing of the manure and straw bedding over the winter.

Pig Manure on West Canada Creek

Even though it was the farmers own property, it's illegal to dispose of manure where it can have an adverse effect on water quality. Especially in the case of West Canada Creek, a protected trout stream. The DEC even has regulations when it comes to spreading manure during the rainy season when there isn't a stream, river, or creek directly adjoining the property. The DEC website has more details on the regulations of spreading and storing manure.


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