As part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (C.F.A.P.),  the American Dairy Association Northeast is working with Dairy Farmers of AmericaGlazier Packing Company, and other community partners for another milk and food distribution event at Herkimer County Community College Thursday, July 30.

More than 4,000 gallons of milk, 20 pound boxes of both produce and other dairy items will be distributed during the drive-thru event at Herkimer County Community College 100 Reservoir Rd. in Herkimer. It begins at 3:00 p.m.

Each vehicle will receive two gallons of milk, one box of dairy products, and one box of produce while supplies last. Herkimer County will also be distributing 1,000 individual containers of hand sanitizer and 1,000 five-pack of cloth face masks.

For the safety and health of all involved in the distribution, there will be a drive- thru distribution process. All drivers and passengers must remain in their vehicles and will be prompted to open their trunk to receive milk and products. If cars do not have a trunk, they will be prompted to open their window. Walk-ups will not be permitted.

Since CFAP program began, the American Dairy Association Northeast has been organizing these events. In the month of June more than 200,000 gallons of milk were distributed and July will probably repeat those numbers.

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