The Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension continue their series on growing your own herbs.  This week it's rosemary; a versatile, aromatic plant that has benefits to add for every room in the house.    

According to Food Rosemary can fill your home with a woodsy-citrus smell, add a unique taste to your meals, create a relaxing bath and some say it can even improve your memory.  So why isn't everyone growing their own?  The Master Gardeners say it's slow to get rosemary started, but after the 1st year it'll grow faster.

Rosemary comes from the Mediterranean so CNY weather isn't the most conducive for it's health.  The experts at C.C.E. suggest growing it in pots so you can take it inside when those sudden frosts hit.  Other growing tips:

  • Plant seeds or take cuttings indoors from healthy rosemary plants, eight to ten weeks before the last spring frost.
  • Plant in well-drained soil
  • Allow plants to become dry between watering.
  • Needs to be in full sun
  • If planting in the ground, place plants in beds two to three feet apart.
  • Compatible plants are beans, cabbage, carrots and sage.

Get more information on growing it and other garden vegetables with fact sheets at Cornell Cooperative Extension's website or call the Horticulture Hot Line at 315-736-3394 between 9 and noon Wednesday and Fridays.

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