After being a devoted New York Jets fan for 26 years, I can't handle any more heart break. Which team should I root for? 

ESPN reports that The New York Jets are 1,000-1 to win the Super Bowl this season. These preseason odds are longer than any ever seen before. Why's that? The Jets look horrible this year. Whose the quarterback? A nobody.

I've been a devoted Jet's fan my entire life. My Dad is a huge fan, and passed on that passion for The Gang Green to his boy. Sunday's were spent watching the games with my Dad, passing a Jets football around, and watching our team every season lose. As I got older I went to training camp after training camp, and truly solidified my passion for the team. I collected autographs, and truly cheered on my team as much as possible.

During the Rex Ryan years I had so much hope for my team. We made it TWICE one game before the Super Bowl. Twice. After that Mark Sanchez completely fell apart, and so did Geno Smith. The past few years I've started to drift away from the team. It was a failing relationship. I had to be the one to end it. So I'm ending it before the 2017 season. It's with great sadness I want to step away from my team. I can't deal with anymore heartbreak. I just can't.

So that leaves me in a tough spot. What team do I root for? I'd like to have you help pick me a new team. I'm ready to be a bandwagon fan. Vote on the teams and let me know what team to go with.

I do have some rules: 1) I will not root for the Bills. 2) I will not root for the Patriots. 3) I will not root for the Cowboys (Sorry Luke Austin). Any other team is welcome. Before you freak out about the Billls, I'm not changing my one bad team, for another bad team. The Bills are just as horrible as the Jets.

Who should I root for?



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