Losing something special is heartbreaking. One central New York mom has been in tears since losing an Irish ring she received as a gift from her daughter a week ago.

"It's a ring I just bought for my 82 year-old Mom while I was on vacation in Ireland," says Nancy Roberts of West Winfield. "I just gave it to her last week."

Roberts mom was shopping in New Hartford Saturday, September 22nd when she lost the ring. "She was at Walmart, Thrifty Shopper and JoAnn's, as well as a few garage sales," says Roberts. "And she hasn't taken it off since she got it."

If you find the ring, contact Roberts on Facebook, who is offering a reward to stop the tears. "My mom is heartbroken and has been crying every day since it happened."

Photo Credit: Nancy Roberts/TSM
Photo Credit: Nancy Roberts/TSM


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