Magically turn into Cinderella at the ball. Save the world as your favorite superhero or jump into the silver screen at the height of Hollywood. You can live out your fantasy in themed rooms at the Roxbury.

The Roxbury at Stratton Falls features seven themed cottages, each with luxury bathrooms, balconies or screened-in porches. Some even have a rooftop observation deck. All have so many special touches you may not be able to see them all. Wherever you want your yellow brick road to lead, the Roxbury takes you into a world of whimsy, color, detail, luxury, comfort, surprise and most of all, fun.

The Lost Horizon

Go back to the height of Hollywood and jump into the silver screen. Stay in a glamorous Hollywood grand art deco Manhattan apartment. "one of our favorite films from that era is “Lost Horizon inspired by the famous James Hilton novel about a utopian land called Shangri La," said Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa.

Photo Credit - The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

The Superhero Incognito

Channel your inner Superhero in this modern art-gallery-esque deco cottage, nestled in a hemlock grove to make you feel like you're staying in a tree house. It features two King bedrooms, a screen in back porch and a sun balcony upstairs.

Photo Credit - The Roxbury at Stratton Falls/Nils Schlebusch

Cinderella's Gown

Turn your reality into a fairy tale. The Cinderalla cottage features a huge 18 foot ball gown as the bed canopy in the downstairs bedroom that even has a fireplace. An enormous pumpkin morphing into a golden carriage serves as the entire bathroom in the upstairs bedroom.

Photo Credit - The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

Dracula's Fangs

Enter the Gothic castle featuring a winding staircase that leads to a throne chamber with an enormous carved mahogany chair. The fiendishly fabulous cottage is elegant yet subtly sinister. Rooms even have red velvet blackout curtains, so you can sleep during the day.

Photo Credit - The Roxbury

Other themed rooms include Galileo's Gate, Terrazza of the Titans and Crown of the Pendragon. The Faerie Forest will open as soon as enough fairy dust is sprinkled.

You can also stay in the mansion where each of the seven themed rooms takes you on a journey into, pieces of the history of Stratton Falls.

Photo Credit - The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

The Mansion Rooms:
The Beautiful Blacksmith
The Mill of the Frozen Falls
The Brothers' Stratton
The Ghost and Mrs. Hicks
The Pampered Postmaster
The Dashing Haberdasher
The Fabulous Firkin Factory

Enjoy the original Roxbury Motel, with theme concepts inspired by TV shows and films of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The studio and classic contemporary rooms are the most affordable on the property, all filled with plenty of surprises.

New contactless policies and procedures are in place due to COVID-19. All guests and employees are required to wear masks in all interior common areas and hallways and to respect 6’ social distancing rules on all areas of the premises. 36 of the total 43 rooms and suites have exterior-access doors, allowing guests to avoid contact with other people. See the full list of COVID-19 guidelines being put in place at The Roxbury.

The Roxbury is a little over 2 hours from Utica on Stratton Falls Road. See more and live your inner fantasy at

Photo Credit - The Roxbury at Stratton Falls
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