Have you ever had a drink at the Wayside Irish Pub of Syracuse? You may have experienced something more than a belly full of jumbo wings. Haunted History Trail of New York State recently took a trip to the pub to investigate some of what's going on. 

According to the Pub's website, reports of paranormal activity date back to at least the 1960's. So far, two spirits have been associated with the site: Sara, and Harry. Sara is believed to be the young girl who hung herself on the third floor.  Most of the friendly ghost activity is credited to Harry. However, there are other ghost that are also thought to be spending their afterlife in the building. These ones aren't always the nicest.

Many of our patrons and bartenders have felt "touches", "pokes", and "cold" spots. It is not unusual to have a female patron complain of having her hair tugged on with no one around her. You are also liable to have a glass fly off the bar without explanation. Pictures just might drop off the walls or an orb" shows up in a photo that you have taken here."

Have you ever been to this bar? What are your experiences?