You've probably seen the hashtag "First World Problems" on social media. It's the same idea, but with problems we have to deal with in central New York.

The whole idea of #FirstWorldProblems is complaining about things that are rough for us, but when you look at the whole world, the problem really isn't that bad. Like a first world problem may be having a slow internet connection (which is always a pain in the you-know-what), but slow internet really isn't that bad of a problem considering other places of the world are dealing with hunger, war, disease, and things like that.

Here are just a few "First World Problems" we've found:




There's even a whole twitter account dedicated to our problems: @CNYProblems - These are just a few of their great tweets:


A gift certificate to Teddy's in Rome?? but I live in Utica. I don't want to drive 15 miles out of my way, even for free food #CNYProblems

And maybe this:

Why can't I have beautiful views on my drive. Instead I'm looking at shopping carts. Seriously what's with ALL THESE CARTS?? #CNYProblems

What's your #CentralNewYork problems? Tweet them to us: @Lite987 or drop them in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page.


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