Alcohol in ice cream isn't a new concept. It's been legal in New York since 2008 when wine was allowed to be added to the frozen dairy treat. Later came beer and cider.

Now, ice cream makers are interested in adding hard liquor to the mix. Lawmakers are considering adding hard liquor (whiskey, vodka etc.) to the list of alcoholic beverages that can legally be added to ice cream for sale in New York.

The hard part for the ice cream makers is adding the flavor of say whiskey, but keeping the alcohol reduced to 5% according to

Gilligan’s Ice Cream in Sherburne, N.Y. first championed for alcohol in ice cream and they are leading the charge on this one too. Gilligan’s has already experimented with such flavors as a Fireball Whiskey Ice Cream. Other possibilities could include Rum & Coke, Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita and Bourbon Vanilla.

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