With prom season upon us, doesn't it make you think back to your days of high school? Were you ever asked to prom in a unique way? Did you ask someone to prom in a quirky way? One young man named Dylan pulled a pretty good prank when asking his girlfriend to prom.

Dylan's girlfriend Caitlyn had been accepted into the University of South Carolina and so Dylan got a hold of Univ. of South Carolina letterhead and even an envelope and sent her a letter.

According to a photo of the letter from Caitlyn's Twitter, this is what it reads at the bottom of the letter:

It saddens us to say that your admission is in jeopardy, and we may have to pull our admission from you due to your poor school ethic and attendance. However if you were to just agree to go to prom with your boyfriend we could reconsider letting you continue to be a South Carolina Gamecock. So what do you say, will you go to prom with me?

Here is the Tweet that Caitlyn posted with the picture of the letter:
This story eventually got her an appearance on 'The TODAY Show.'

She did say yes to going to Prom with her boyfriend Dylan, but now I am sure she is hesitant to open anything that comes in the mail from her future college.