Growing up on a farm. I was involved in hunting at an early age. And before you were allowed to step into the woods with a gun, there were two things you had to understand. Both of those important lessons were ignored in separate New York hunting accidents over the Thanksgiving weekend, one that ended tragically.

The first lesson was never shoot at anything that runs between you and fellow hunters. According to The Oneida County Sheriff's Face Book page, that was exactly what happened when two men were hunting north of Linwood Place. Brother-in-laws' Darwin Cooley of Carthage and Travis Dam of Whitesboro were out at about 9:30 Thanksgiving morning, Officials say Cooley shot at deer that ran between them and the bullet grazed Dam's head.  He was hospitalized with "non-life threatening" injuries.

Sadly, the second story has a tragic ending. The second lesson that was always emphasized to me, never shoot at anything you can't see. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation reports on the evening before Thanksgiving Rosemary Billquist of Sherman, NY was shot and killed by a hunter as she was walking her dogs in a field.

Investigations into both instances remain on-going and no charges have been filed in either case.


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