A community is coming together to help save Franco's pizza after a Grinch stole thousands of dollars from the business owner.

Danny Mendez owns Franco's Pizza in Ilion and Westmoreland. Saturday someone stole his livelihood. "I was so busy I never got to the bank to make a deposit, which I needed for payroll, bills and Christmas presents," Mendez shared on Facebook. That deposit, with thousands of dollars came up missing. "One of my employees stole it from me. They took everything I had."

Mendez searched for hours in the freezing cold, hoping he'd dropped the money. "I was crying trying to find it, knowing if I didn't I might not ever open again."

The money was never found and Mendez thought his business was done. Mendez thought wrong.

Hundreds of people have come together to help the man who has helped so many over the years. From feeding kids throughout the summer to offering the homeless a meal and warm place to stay, Mendez has always given back while never asking for anything in return.

A GoFundMe has already brought in close to $9,000 in less than 24 hours. "I'm overwhelmed by hundreds of messages," said Mendez. "I never knew what I really meant to so many."

After thinking he'd never open the doors to Franco's in Ilion or Westmoreland again, Mendez isn't give up. "This community needs me. My employees and family need me. I'm not letting this define or change me as a person."

To the heartless person who stole a man's livelihood one week before Christmas - may karma bite you in the a$$!

To everyone pitching in to help save a local business, pay employees and provide a Christmas for so many families - may God bless you all.

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