The government shutdown may have inconvenienced a lot of people but not author and infomercial host Kevin Trudeau. Trudeau, who has been the target of several FTC investigations, was, according to Yahoo News, supposed to appear before a judge in Chicago on Friday for his failure to pay a $37 million dollar civil judgement in relation to false claims in his weight-loss books. What happened?

The court agreed to delay the hearing after Federal Trade Commission attorneys said they weren't getting paid.

via TV pitchman may avoid jail due to gov't shutdown - Yahoo News.

Maybe his next book should be called, "How To Stay Out of Jail".



Prisoner Call 911 To Turn Himself In

Oklahoma prison inmate Joshua Silverman must have had a guilty conscience. After escaping with several other inmates Joshua, according to , called 911 and told the operator he needed a ride-back to prison! Take a listen to the sometimes hilarious call. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.