Move over April, there's a new expectant mamma in town taking all the attention. A goose has laid her eggs in the Orchard's Plaza.

The goose is nesting in the Kohl's parking lot in New Hartford. People have even been leaving food and water as she waits for her babies to hatch, which happens within 25 to 30 days. But don't feed her any bread. It causes metabolic bone disorders, according to Total Wildlife Control. Proper grains are more nutritious but if you leave you food, more geese may come and cause a nuisance.

Geese usually nest in areas surrounded by water, but it's not unusual to see one in a parking lot. The raised islands allow geese to see predators coming from far away.

Be advised, Geese can be aggressive when nesting and may attack people who come near their nests or young. So leave mom alone as she nests.



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