The ongoing debate over which businesses should be listed as essential and which ones shouldn't continues to evolve.

Even though we are seeing some positive momentum in New York State's fight against COVID-19, the "Stay At Home" order will remain in place until at least April 29. One major clarification was added today to the clarification of the Stay at Home executive order: golf courses are specifically listed as not essential.

In the latest revision of the order golf courses were clarified:

13. Recreation

  • Parks and other open public spaces, except playgrounds and other areas of congregation where social distancing cannot be abided
  • However, golf courses are not essential
  • However, use of boat launches and marinas for recreational vessels is not considered essential

This isn't great news for golfers who were hoping to get out and get a little socially distant exercise or for courses hoping to open and function in this time of crisis. However if this is what it truly takes to flatten the curve and save lives, so be it.

You can read the full Guidance of order 202.6 HERE.

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