Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! That's just a few of the exotic animals inside The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango.  Our Farm Hands tour has taken us to a lot of interesting places around CNY, but none equal what we found here.

The park started 7 years ago when owner Jeff Taylor bought his kids a few goats for their birthday. The next year, they got a camel. Now we can all enjoy the exotic animals inside the Wild Animal Park.

Danielle Dapson of Madison, zoologist and anthropologist  from SUNY Oswego, was our tour guide for the day.  While she knows a lot about all animals, she is especially familiar with those on exhibit at the Wild Animal Park, as many of them have been raised from the bottle.  Just when we thought we had seen it all; giraffes, bears, lions, a warthog and several monkeys, we found a 9 week old tiger cub, Jagger.  He looks like he is straight out of the cartoon world with a head that seems to not match his body.

Wild Animal Park

The Taylor family received tickets to FrogFest July 23rd at the Utica Rome Speedway, presented by White’s Farm Supply and a $50 White’s Farm Supply gift card. They also go into the grand prize drawing for VIP FrogFest tickets and 100 hour rental from White’s Farm Supply. Nominate your farm below.

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