Three of Glen Campbell's adult children have abruptly dropped a contest they had brought against a will that excludes them from inheriting any money from the late singer's estate.

Nashville's Tennessean newspaper reports that William Campbell, Kelli Campbell and Wesley Campbell have ended their challenge to Campbell's will, which left his estate to his wife, Kimberly Campbell, and five of his eight children. The three are Campbell's children with his second wife, Billie Jean Nunley, and his will specifically excluded them from inheriting any of his estate.

The siblings agreed to drop their challenge on Monday (Nov. 19), after many months of court wrangling. They did not detail their reasons for the decision in a legal filing in Davidson County Probate Court, according to the Tennessean.

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Campbell's three adult children had filed a legal challenge questioning their father's capacity to sign the will in question, as he may have been in the early stages of Alzheimer's. The will was filed in 2006, and Campbell publicly revealed his diagnosis of Alzheimer's in 2011. He died on Aug. 8, 2017. They also questioned whether he might have been under undue influence at the time he signed the will.

Kimberly Campbell issued a statement through her attorneys after their decision to drop their challenge became public, saying, "The filing of a will contest last January came as a shock to me. There was never any merit to these claims."

Noting that she made no settlement with the siblings, Campbell continues, "I am pleased to finally put this difficult experience behind me so that I may focus on my family, my continued mission to educate, destigmatize, and raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease — and to honor my husband and his amazing music legacy."

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