There's no secret that Fort William Henry in Lake George has some paranormal stories. Was a ghost recently captured by photo during a ghost hunt?

A viral photo was photographed during a recent ghost tour by Monte Jennings. It appears he caught a ghost face in one of the windows:

Monte Jennings via Facebook
Monte Jennings via Facebook

Here's a video from that night, the photo was taken moments after this:


A video of the window which may have housed a ghost is available – the photograph was taken moments after the video was shot.  The green dot in the video is not ghost, and there does not seem to be anything unusual in the video especially in the window.  The window itself is boarded up and offers no reflection."

Fort William Henry has embraced their paranormal history. The area surrounding Fort William Henry has been the scene for countless battles, terrible disease and harsh climate. With that much history, you are bound to find great ghost stories. The Fort offers guided ghost tours as well.

Do you think a ghost was captured in this photo? How about these photos?





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