Classic car shows are usually filled with amazing old rides, great stories, and great people. Did one car show capture on film a special guest that wasn't invited?

The photo was taken at a car show in Scottsville on August 19th 2017. Kevin Allen and his father helped put this car show together. When looking at photos later on from Jessica Samluk, Kevin noticed something odd in the background.

I was looking at the pictures. I happened to see the Monroe County Dare car we bring in for the kids. I could see my cars in the background. I blew the photo up and I find this thing... And I thought, I've lived in Scottsville for 47 years, theres no statue there. There's no etching on the church wall."

Many theories are on the internet on what it could be. Some posted to Kevin's Facebook post assuming this could have been a soldier ghost. Others think the spirit is connected to the church.

Jessica who took the photos thinks the photo shows a spirit:

I think it's a spirit. As to what kind and who I do not know. But as he was not seen anywhere else around the show, I was thinking he def didn't want to be seen by anyone and was accidentally captured in my photo. I want people to be more open minded as to what it could be, we have people investigating it from the paranormal world as well as the site itself...

Jessica wants to make it clear this photo is not a publicity stunt on Kevin's part to pump up his car show. She captured the photos at the event, and Kevin reached out to her about it.

What do you make of the photo? We zoomed in on it, and provided inverted versions too:



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