On October 22nd, meet Travel Channel’s Gettysburg Ghost Gals at our Herkimer Crossroads Haunted event. They are America’s all female Paranormal Team. We got to chat with them this week and get to know them better.

All of the Gals have been conducting countless investigations over 20 years, in Gettysburg and across the country. They have become experts in the field of historical and paranormal research of Gettysburg Battlefield and beyond. You can meet the whole team by Clicking Here. We got to talk to Brigid and Jenny. Listen and watch our interviews below.

How Did The Gettysburg Ghost Gals Form?


The Gettysburg Ghost Gals Share Their Scariest Moments


What Was The Most Exciting Moment For The Gettysburg Ghost Gals?


What are some ways to make sure you're safe at an investigation? Also, How can you start up a paranormal team?




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