When winter sets in in Central New York, there are two options. Hibernate or bundle up and get out and play. If you're looking to play this winter, Tubby Tubes is the place for you.

Tubby Tubes is a full-on snow tubing park located in Lake Luzerne, NY, just a stones throw away from Glens Falls and Lake George.

If you loved snow tubing as a kid, then you're going to love Tubby Tubes.

With 7 different tubing lanes that range from fast to curvy, you'll find something perfect for every age and thrill-seeking level.

This year the park is featuring their 'Whoopsi Woo' run along with their 2 giant 'Snow Coasters' that are each over 1,000 feet in length!

You can race your friends, connect multiple tubes to make long trains, spin or head down the runs backwards!

They have small and medium sized hills for younger children, and when you're done you can head inside to relax by the fire with some hot cocoa, coffee and snacks.

Tubby Tubes also has full snow making and night lighting, and forget walking up the hills over and over - they have snow tube lifts too!

Check out these videos for more:

The 'Whoopsie Woo'

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