There is another initiative to get New Yorkers vaccinated. This time officials are aiming at football fans. It's called "Vax and Win". Those who get vaccinated have a chance to win some cool NFL gear and tickets from their favorite New York teams. (I know there is only one true New York team that plays in New York-the Buffalo Bills, but they are lumping in the New York Jets and the New York Giants.)

Governor Kathy Hochul said yesterday that there is yet another new sweepstakes program that could win your way into New York teams' NFL games, get you some sweet merchandise from your favorite New York team, and get cool experiences. If you get vaccinated from now through October 25th according to

This incentive includes two hundred tickets to the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and the New York Giants to be given away. It also includes some VIP in-game experiences, autographed gear, and even get a FaceTime call from alumni players from each team.

To register, you can go to the state's website. You can register yourself and a child under eighteen. The first "Vax and Win" drawing will be Wednesday, September 29th.

Governor Kathy Hochul said of the latest incentive:

I want to win this game, I want to beat back COVID I want to emerge victorious. To me, that's our Super Bowl, beating back COVID.

I have to say that had I known that all of these incentives would be offered, I may have held out for something more than just a card that I couldn't laminate.

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