It seems like a lot is going on with stores in Consumer Square in New Hartford as they are adding 5 stores. One of them will be a popular one that already has one location in the Utica area.

Did you see yesterday the news about Five Below? A lot of people were thrown off about there being a sign in front of Consumer Square that read "Five Below Coming Soon". Well, we reported on that and got it all sorted out. They are just moving to a different location inside the plaza. One store is now going in that spot adding a second location to the area.

So, What Stores Are Coming?

Would you look at that! We are getting a Burlington store. According to an employee at the North Utica location, the store will be inhabiting the space where Five Below is moving from and also Pier 1 right next store. So both spaces will be occupied by Burlington.

Don't fear though, this isn't an end for the location at Riverside Center in North Utica. That same employee seemed excited to say the one in New Hartford will be the second Burlington.

Here Are The Four Other Stores We're Getting

  • Buff City Soap
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe
  • Brite Orthodontics
  • Nama Let It Go

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