As you may have heard, we are putting on the biggest live auction Utica has ever seen. We’re talking about more than 35 items up grabs, all with starting bids at 60% off their retail value.

Seize the Deal is our very own digital marketplace featuring only local businesses. Everything from private charter cruises to a vacation getaway, home repairs to jewelry is up for grabs — and all could be yours.

The Seize the Deal Auction closes Friday August 9th at 7pm.

Here are couple of frequently asked questions:

Will I be able to see everyone’s bids?

Yes. It is a live auction and bids will appear in the items’ bid history. While you can see the bid, you will not be able to see the bidder.

Will I be notified if someone’s bid is greater than mine?

Yes. You will be asked to give a maximum bid amount for every bid you make. The auction site will automatically bid on your behalf until the maximum is reached (if necessary). When another bid passes your maximum bid amount, you will be notified via email.

How long can I wait to claim my prize?

You will have five (5) days to pay for your item. If it isn’t paid for within those five days, we will contact the second highest bidder.

Click here to email us any other questions you may have.