It’s almost weird that I’m writing this article on 4/20. Because I remember listening to Patrick Carlin’s Commentary on one of our local radio stations at 4:20 on weekday afternoons. Patrick was a big fan of 4:20, and he was also a hell of a funny guy. His radio time always brought a smile to my face. And I had no idea that he was George Carlin’s brother. I just knew that he was a smart and funny guy who’s last name happened to be Carlin. I never even thought of George.

When I found out that Patrick Carlin was George’s big brother, I realized that this must be a family with a lot of talent. Funny was in their genes. And by the time I was listening to Patrick, he was no spring chicken and he had already had quite a successful comedy career both as a writer and commentator. He even wrote for his brother at times. But, I loved listening to Patrick even before I knew of his rich comedy history. 

Patrick was my Facebook friend, but I’m not sure if we’ve actually ever had a conversation. Still, I felt as if I’d lost a friend when I heard of his passing last week. He lived a good life, and he was 90 years old and still making people laugh. Even though Patrick lived a long life, it’s a huge loss for Woodstock, Ulster County, the comedy and radio worlds, and everybody who loved and knew Patrick. Rest in Peace, Patrick and thanks for all of the laughs. You’re sorely missed already.

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