Gary Allan's new single,, 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain),' is a song of hope and inspiration to anyone staring at trouble or tragedy. The singer says that when he watched news reports of what Hurricane Sandy victims were going through, he knew the song could be part of the rebuilding effort. With a tie-in to the Red Cross, the new music video does just that.

Allan can relate to what families who lost their homes and businesses are going through. Growing up in California, he was part of more than one major earthquake. In 2010, he watched as heavy rains flooded the Cumberland River in Nashville, devastating the community.

"I had personal friends that had to rebuild their homes and just completely start from scratch," Allan tells Taste of Country. "I think it's hard to relate to losing something like that unless you actually have. Whether it's people, property … I think when you're robbed, you feel this sense of violation but when things are just taken there's no violated, it's just bad luck, bad timing, no way to explain it."

The 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain' video was filmed inside an old slaughter house in the meatpacking district of Nashville. Cameras swoop from the roof of the building to inside an apartment where a young woman in the clip is grieving the loss of her lover. Rain machines were brought in to assist filming, but Allan says he stayed away from using actual Sandy footage, although it was tempting.

"I don't know, stuff like that bothers me," he says. "I felt like it had to stand on its own."

'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)' is the first song single from 'Set You Free,' the singer's new studio album expected in early 2013. Allan has made the song a free download to coincide with the release of the music video.

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