Can we expect a new 'Full House' series? Well maybe we can after seeing the 'Full House' Super Bowl commercial tease video.

The commercial appears to be one with Oikos yogurt spokesman John Stamos, but then we get our minds blown:

Dave Coulier dropped hints in a interview about a "huge, great, really cool" project with his former co-stars Bob Saget and John Stamos.

"I think the scope of the project we're doing is going to be so large -- you'll see what I'm talking about in 10 days," said Coulier, 54. "It's going to be on the Internet, on television, everywhere."

Could it be a adult version of Full House with the boys? We will have to wait till Super Bowl night to find out!

Maybe executives are looking to see how the success of "Girl Meets World" (The spin off of "Boy Meets World") goes before maybe doing a spin off on DJ's family.


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