With the wind chill bringing extremely cold temps to Central New York, what happens if you actually get Frost Bite?

The National Weather Service has provided tips if you are outdoors and think you have frostbite, or indoors after the fact:

If You Are Outdoors

These tips are if you are outdoors and feel you have frostbite forming, or already have it:

1) Don't rub or massage cold body parts.
2) Put your hands in your armpits.
3) Hold onto another person or animal.
4) Drink warm liquids.
5) Put on extra layers of clothes, blankets, etc.
6) Remove rings, watches and anything other tight jewelry or related items.

Once indoors:

1) Don't walk on a frostbitten foot. You could cause more damage.
2) Get in a warm, NOT hot, bath and wrap your face and ears in a moist, warm, NOT hot, towel.
3) Don't get near a hot stove or heater or use a heating pad, hot water bottle, or a hair dryer. You may burn yourself before feeling returns.
4) Frostbitten skin will become red and swollen and feel like it's on fire. You may develop blisters. Don't break the blisters. It could cause scarring and infection.
5) If your skin turns blue or gray, is very swollen, blistered or feels hard and numb even under the surface, go to a hospital as soon as possible.

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