Just like their dough, this pizzeria is expanding to a new restaurant you already know and love.

We love seeing local businesses thrive in Central New York, especially when there are good people behind the doors. It's no easy task, but that's still someone living out their dreams a day at a time.

This one's doing so good, they're now opening a second location.

Credit - Fratello's Pizzeria via Facebook
Credit - Fratello's Pizzeria via Facebook

Congrats Fratello's!

Frattello's Pizza Inc. announced on Facebook they are expanding and taking over the Four Seasons Pizzeria location in Marcy. This is BIG NEWS for pizza lovers.

Over the next couple weeks we will be getting things ready for an exciting opening day. We are looking forward to serving the Marcy area.

Though they have yet to set an opening date, Fratello's says to keep an eye on their social pages for time in the future.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

Honoring Four Seasons

Though it is great to see Fratello's growing, it is sad to see a long-standing pizzeria close after such a long time. The owners have been operating the shop for 40 years, of which Fratello's said was truly a testament to their greatness.

We would like to thank Ray for everything he's done!! Ray is a great guy that has put hard work into his business for many years... I'm sure the Marcy area feels the same for his commitment and appreciates everything he has done. Thank you Ray!!

The hard working employees haven't been forgotten either. According to their post, a mixture of both Fratello's Frankfort staff and current Four Season's staff will be working together at the grand opening.

They aren't the only pizzeria expanding in the area...

Credit - BJ Evans via Facebook
Credit - BJ Evans via Facebook

Tony's Pizzeria & Deli - Clinton, New York

BJ EvansOwner of Tony's Pizzeria & Deli, recently announced the grand opening of his newest location in Clinton. With two other growing locations under his belt, he thought it was the perfect time to open a third in a great community.

Couldn't wait any longer to make some pizza! Shout out to our awesome staff and my family for taking this journey with me!

It's located at 41 College Street, at the former Tony's Pizzeria that has been on the corner of Franklin Ave for years. With people already aware of the "Tony's" name, why not take over the pizzeria and manage it through your own vision.

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It's truly an exciting time for business in Central New York. Best of luck to Fratello's, Ray from Four Season's and Tony's Pizzeria in their future endeavors.

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